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Our focus is to help companies identify, recruit, and retain top-tiered career professionals within all levels of management and leadership positions, business development, sales, marketing, operations, and human resource based opportunities. Our client profiles range from locally owned-independent small business to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We understand that companies need to modify their business solutions to reflect change. At Fusion Recruitment Group, we embrace change and adapt to our clients, candidates, and partners needs. With our office located in Vancouver, BC and recognized and reputable partners throughout Canada, we are able to ensure that all of your search and recruitment/employment needs are satisfied.

As your professional recruitment consultants, we offer:
  • Our 100% commitment and guarantee of our success with ensuring your company access to the level of candidate you are seeking 
  • Flexible and creative business solutions to accommodate your recruitment process.
  • Validation of the quality of candidate you are seeking
  • Extensive and direct experience within the recruitment industry within your region
  • Credibility by having previous career & recruitment experience within the areas of industry which we represent.
What makes us unique from other employment agencies?  Our passion for the business and a proactive approach to recruiting has earned us the reputation as the most reliable, results oriented and professional recruitment firm in Canada. 

Integrity, ethics, credibility, diversification, adaptability, passion, commitment, assertiveness, and leadership are all contributing factors on how we make a difference. Whether you are a candidate seeking a new employment opportunity or challenge, someone looking to further develop their interview skills and resume, or a potential client requiring our search services, Fusion Recruitment Group has the capacity to manage all of your needs


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